Comprised of both illegal and illicit (something that isn’t illegal, but is still often frowned upon by society) drugs, medically speaking it usually refers to one of many prescription analgesics in the opioid (from the opium plant) family. Due to their addictive nature, narcotics are considered controlled substances in most countries. In the United States, further classifications (schedules) are made and separated according to A) If they have an accepted medical use, and B) The potential they have at being abused. Schedule 1, is seen as having no “accepted medical use” and from there the lower the number, the higher the risk for potential abuse.

Narcotics Commonly Used by Chiarians:

  • Morphine – Schedule 2
  • Hydromorphone – Schedule 2
    • Dilaudid – Schedule 2
  • Fentanyl – Schedule 2
  • Oxycodone – Schedule 2
    • OxyContin – Schedule 2
    • Percocet – Schedule 2
  • Hydrocodone – Schedule 2
    • Vicodin – Schedule 2
    • Norco – Schedule 2
  • Codeine – Schedule 2
  • Tramadol – Schedule 4


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A group of analgesic drugs that diminish pain, fever and inflammation. NS Aids thin the blood, therefore we are often required to refrain from them for 7-10 days before non-emergency surgeries.

Examples: Naproxen (Aleve), ibuprofen, aspirin.

A diuretic that works by blocking or reducing the naturally occurring levels of the protein carbonic anhydrase.  Used to treat glaucoma, epilepsy, headaches and fluid retention.