Bridges are built as a means to assist people in getting over the things that obstruct their path. As Chiari patients (Chiarians), we are constantly facing obstacles, from our conditions to finding doctors who actually understand. So, we decided to build a bridge!

Chiari Bridges is a non-profit network built by Chiarians for Chiarians. We seek to empower patients (and their families) to better advocate for themselves. We do not sponsor research or align ourselves with any specific doctors or treatments. Our goal is to provide information, substantiated by published studies, in a way that is easy to understand. We encourage readers to not only read our articles but look up each study for yourself and read that too! Print it out and sit down with a highlighter. Read it as many times as necessary until you understand it, then talk to your doctors about it. Our doctors are under no obligation to read our articles, but they should be willing to read officially published studies from journals, especially those specific to their profession. If we as patients want the care that we deserve, we first need to make ourselves knowledgeable on our conditions so that we recognize the medical professionals that simply don’t know enough to treat us.

The information provided on our website is strictly for educational purposes in order to help further the understanding of Chiari, and its associated conditions. You should in no way use this site as a replacement for diagnosis, treatment, or medical advice from a qualified medical professional. Instead, this is intended to help patients better understand the confusion surrounding Chiari and its comorbid conditions and why 40-50% of Chiari Decompressions fail, so patients are empowered to advocate for the care they deserve. Our goal is to share our collective experiences (and the information we have gathered) with those still suffering and in need of answers - that the information we provide may increase your knowledge and guide you in conversations with your doctors.

Note: Some of our authors have written under pseudo-ghost names in fear of retaliation from their doctors.

Chiari Bridges is a non-profit network built by Chiarians for Chiarians. Our goal is to provide the most accurate up-to-date information in an easy-to-understand way (substantiated by published studies), so that knowledge is encouraged and explored.

We need hope for the future! We need training in self-advocacy! We need help in trying to get our bodies and minds as healthy as we possibly can, because like it or not, things can get much worse than they already are. It was from our desire to help meet those needs, that the Chiari Bridges vision began!
Chiari Bridges is a 501(c)(3) federally approved public benefit organization for charitable purposes under the laws of California. Formally incorporated in June 2017.