“There are risks and costs to action. But they are far
less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.”
– John F. Kennedy


We as Chiarians have learned the necessity of educating ourselves and helping one another. Our ability to do so has already revolutionized our fight at an individual level, but we need to be proactive in order to accomplish real change on a larger scale. From our right to competent medical care, to our rights for proper pain management options, we cannot expect people to fight for our rights unless we are first willing to fight ourselves. Please stay tuned to this area with calls to action and updates. All of us need to come together so we CAN make a real difference! Individually we have small voices that are easy to dismiss, but together we are strong, loud and fierce!

Proactive Action for Pain Control Rights (PCR)

Right now, there is an assault on chronic pain patients, and the long fought for rights promised to all disabled persons in the United States. While we all are moved by the lives lost to drug abuse, the assault being waged by zealous politicians that are willing to sacrifice our rights, is based on incorrect statistics and propaganda. We have no choice when it came to the type of disability we face, but because of its effect on the central nervous system, pain will always be a part of it. We have a right to proper help with our pain! Some of us have lost rights in certain states and others are being threatened for the future loss of pain control options. Our rights as Chronic Pain Patients needs to be a focus for all of us. Let's help our legislators understand what we face and make our voices heard! Article: US Government Officials Endorse Inhumane Torture of Chronic Pain Patients


H.R. 2851: SITSA Act
Gives the Attorney General of the United States, full scheduling rights regarding drugs,
synthetic or plant, that causes psychotropic effects and/or are "addictive."
H.R. 6 Comprehensive Act
Full description of the HR 6 Comprehensive Act
More actions you can take!
Try to take other actions as you find them!

Bridges are built as a means to assist people in getting over the things that obstruct their path. We are constantly facing obstacles when it comes to our health, so we decided to build a bridge! Chiari Bridges is a non-profit network built by Chiarians for Chiarians. Our goal is to provide information, substantiated by published studies, in a way that is easy to understand. We encourage readers, to not only read our articles, but look up every study for themselves and read that too. Print it out and sit down with a highlighter; read it as many times as necessary until you understand; then use it to talk to your doctors. Our doctors are under no obligation to read our articles, but they should be willing to read officially published studies from journals, especially those specific to their profession. As many of our authors are patients as well, all authors sharing original pieces will be writing under pseudo-ghost names, to protect them from being black-listed by their doctors. Chiari Bridges is not affiliated with any physician or medical group. You should in no way use this site as a replacement for diagnosis, treatment, or medical from a qualified medical professional. The information provided on our website is strictly for educational purposes, in order to help further the understanding of Chiari, and its associated conditions. Our goal is to share our collective experiences and the information we have gathered, with those in need of answers, that it may increase your knowledge and guide you in conversations with your doctors.