Michelle C.
‘Twas the night before Christmas and despite the sleeping spouse, there was still one stirring in the Chiarian’s house. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, as all hoped their sick loved one would be able to be there. The family was nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of disappointment danced through the Chiarian’s head.

While everyone’s talking about holiday cheer and how there’s laughter in the air, for the chronic pain patient it’s not that easy to get into the holiday spirit. We remember the happier holidays of the past and all that people want to see in us, but there are so many thoughts acting as obstacles in our path.

Will I have the spoons (energy) that I need to make it through the day? [Read More]
Michelle C.
Few know this, but Worth The Fight (WTF!) is the origins of Chiari Bridges, not the other way around.

WTF! began in June 2016 with a small group of women who believed that we could use all that we’ve been through as Chiari patients and make a difference in one another’s lives. We had no idea how far it would go or even how far we were willing to take it.

The Chiari Bridges vision developed as we were helping so many people and having to type the same things again and again, that we decided it would be beneficial to have a site with links to the information making it easier to share in and outside of our group. It has ultimately enabled us to help thousands of suffering people looking for answers.

This year, we decided that it was time to merge the two visions together! [Find out more!]
The odds are heavily stacked against us, but we can defy some of those odds! While we can't control everything going on with our bodies, we can learn to control that which is still within our control in order to change where we're at! We cannot leave it all to our doctors, far too many of them don’t understand what we’re facing anyway (they think it’s all psychosomatic).

We are looking at organizing online support groups to help patients take control of what is within our control in regard to:

• Eating wiser to help control pain & symptoms

• Moving wiser to help control pain & symptoms

• Reducing stress to help control pain & symptoms

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Monthly donation commitments allow us to plan to expand our vision in helping patients and families with their Chiari & Comorbid fights! As we continue to bridge the gap between Chiari Bridges and The Worth The Fight (WTF!) Online Community, we will continue to bring you a broad spectrum of information for patients and their family members, including regular online support meetings, self-advocacy training, how to look at your MRIs, and more! All of this costs money and we honestly don't have time to wait to organize walks, rallies, and events (especially in lieu of Cov19). There is work to be done RIGHT NOW! [Donation Options]