Nobody would share your Chiari/Comorbid story quite like you would! While they might see what you’re going through, it’s completely different living with it day in and day out. You’re probably still fighting it and that’s perfectly okay. Tell the world what’s happened to you so far!

We want to hear about the details of your fight and we want you to try and tell it while you’re able:

      • How long it took you to be diagnosed after the onset of obvious symptoms?
      • How many times did doctors laugh off your symptoms?
      • Did they think it all psychosomatic?
      • Did it make you wonder if you were really losing your mind?
      • How you were diagnosed?
      • What fears/emotions did you experience when you were diagnosed?
      • Where you given treatment options?
      • Did they offer any other surgical solutions other than decompression?
      • What treatments/surgeries you have had so far?
      • How do you feel since surgery?
      • Are your symptoms gone?
      • Have you had any complications since surgery?
      • Have you had any problems with comorbid diagnoses?
      • Are your doctors still listening to you now, or do they think that “you’re cured”?

You can share the good and bad about your experiences with your doctors, but please don’t share your hospital/doctors’ names in the article (we will provide a venue for that later) – they will be edited out. We have limited the character count to 7500 characters including spaces (that is about 2 full, typewritten pages). Anything more than that lessens the chances of it being read by our readers. (If you desire to go over that, it will take approval from our editor.) So think carefully about what you want to share and start writing!

It might be exactly what someone else needs to hear for them to make it through their next mile of the fight!

One thing is for sure if we’re only complaining to one another, in the privacy of our own homes, and amongst those in our everyday spheres of influence, this fight isn’t going to change! It will be exactly as it is when our kids go through it, or their kids, etc.

It’s time to get the truth of the fight out there so we can change it!

  • Can you image a reality where everyone suffering while doctors say that it’s “incidental” and not causing the debilitating head/neck aches making it hard for them to hold their heads up?
  • Can you imagine a ONE SITE STOP where doctors and lawyers, and disability judges can read not only the technical information but what we all REALLY feel before and after decompression surgery?
  • Can you imagine your story changing someone’s life forever?

While personal information is required to submit your story for consideration, your name won’t necessarily be shared with the public when it’s published with us. It depends on how controversial it is. Don’t shy away from what might be controversial. When people only hear one side, they usually believe it as truth! We’ll just do the controversial side wisely and in alias when necessary, but let’s get it out!

*All submissions need a signed submission agreement before publication. Please see our SUBMISSION AGREEMENT and ensure that you are agreeable to the terms before submitting Your Story.

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