Have you written something that you think would be of value to the Chiari community? Consider publishing it with us! It might be exactly what someone else needs to hear for them to make it through their next mile of the fight!

Not all of our pieces are technical pieces. We want articles that are encouraging, uplifting, and even those that might be seen as controversial. We feel it is both necessary and prudent in our fight to talk blatantly about what Chiarians go through at the hands of our medical professionals and insurance companies alike (in a general sense), but because we don’t want anyone to get “blacklisted” by those they must do business with, we have certain protocols in place to help protect the identities of authors that do such controversial pieces. Please see our Author Submission Agreement and ensure that you are agreeable to the terms before submitting your article for consideration. We are very particular about violating copyright laws, so the signed agreement is required before publication.

We have limited the character count to 10,000 characters including spaces (that is just over 2 full, typewritten pages). Anything more than that lessens the chances of it being read by our readers. (If you desire to go over that, it will take approval from our editor. Submit what you have with the limit and when she contacts you about your story, you can request what you would like to add that makes it exceed the limit.) So think carefully about what you want to share and start writing!

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