Problems in thinking or concentration. Different from the ADHD symptoms we experience, where we think of too many things and have a hard time keeping our thoughts on just one. Brain fog occurs when you feel as though time has lapsed and you have not been able to think about anything (like your brain is foggy). Brain fog can be caused by traumatic brain injuries (TBI), including Chiari Malformations, but there are other causes common to us: the influence of anesthesia or many of the medications we take to control our pain/spasms; additionally a diet high in sugar/carbohydrates is known to cause brain fog.

A chronic brain condition characterized by attention difficulty, hyperactivity (not necessarily in terms of energy levels, but the inability to stop the brain/thoughts from jumping from subject to subject), and impulsiveness. While most doctors require the presentation of symptoms presented in childhood, traumatic brain injury patients (like those of us with Chiari) can develop a Secondary Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (SADHD) or Acquired Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AADHD) that can be temporary (from certain medications or anesthesia) or permanent (from the damage itself).