Formerly known as Sensory Integration Dysfunction ; a dysfunction where the brain has a hard time processing and responding when too many sensory stimuli are happening at once; some respond irrationally to the abundance of stimuli and some recluse and fail to respond (even when some of the stimuli would invoke a response to most people).

Describes something related to the ear or hearing. (In contrast, Oral would describe something related to the mouth or tasting. )

An irrational dislike or hatred for sounds, usually certain sounds (usually things like chewing, breathing, tapping, etc.) that evoke a strong emotional or physical reaction.

Recommended Doctor for Diagnosis: Psychologist, Neuro-psychiatrist.

See also: Phonophobia and Hyperacusis

An abnormal fear to sounds; especially loud sounds, but not so loud that they would pose a reasonable danger to ones hearing.

Recommended Doctor for Diagnosis: Psychologist, Neuro-psychologist

See also: Misophonia and Hyperacusis