“If we want to continue empowering patients so they can work to change their fight, we've got to up our game and put things on a platform more like they're accustomed to, like an app!” – Michelle C. (Chiari Bridges Founder)

It didn't take long after building the WTF! Online Community before we realized that if we truly wanted to continue empowering patients, we had to "up our game" and build an app for our members to use! It was a bit harder than we thought and took over a year for us to build.

While we are still in the beta testing stage, the app is now available on both Apple and Android! Please be patient as we work to get all the kinks out, but so far, I think it's going to be a game changer!
This app wasn't cheap, but it is probably going to be a game changer in helping our members connect and get the help that they need. Please consider supporting us so that we can continue to help people redefine their fight!