Many use the terms muscle spasms and muscle spasticity interchangeably, but they are incorrect in doing so. While both can cause a tightness/stiffness and an involuntary control of those muscles, they are different in origin. Muscle spasms are a result of a damaged central nervous system or nerves, while muscle spasticity is a muscles reaction to an injury to the muscle itself. From a Chiarian’s perspective, the difference can be seen in that we tend to have muscle spasms in our necks that are caused by damaged nerves; that pain coupled with the fear of moving, causes a tenseness that can lead to muscle spasticity in the neck and upper back.

Recommended Doctor for Diagnosis: Orthopedic Doctor/Surgeon, Physical/Rehabilitation/Occupational Therapist
Testing: clinical visit

  • Treatments: Heat Therapy, Relaxation Techniques, Massage Therapy
  • Medications: Muscle Relaxers such as Methocarbamol (Robaxin)